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Do You Need Professional Debt Relief?

In many cases, paying off debt isn’t something that requires the help of an outside group. After all, you might have heard of many stories that involved people who were able to pay down thousands of dollars’ of debt on their own. These stories are true, but the fact is that some people will need more help than others. If you’re like many people, you might not be completely sure whether or not you need to talk to a debt relief counselor. Here are some signs that asking for outside advice may be your best bet.

* If you don’t know how to maintain your personal finances, you will need to get help, or at least read a book. If your debt is due to a lack of understanding in the world of personal finance, then you will need to ask for outside help. Many debt relief counselors offer budgeting advice, and can also refer you to people who can help you learn more about managing money.

* You are having a lot of anxiety over your financial situation. Some anxiety is normal, but when it gets to the point that you’re having full-blown panic attacks, it may be a sign that you need help in a number of different ways. Aside from consulting a doctor about your anxiety, the best thing that you can do is reach out for help.

* You notice that your debt is rising, but your income is falling. This is a crystal-clear sign that you will be unable to pay your bills soon. If you notice this, get help immediately.

* There have been occasions in which you’ve paid one credit card bill with another. This is a warning sign that suggests that you really can’t pay your bills as well as you would have hoped.

* You are seriously struggling with paying the minimums on all your bills every month, and you have no idea how to cope with it. You simply cannot pay down debt or get out of debt without paying more than the bare minimums on at least one credit card at a time. If it’s gotten to this point, you are long overdue for professional debt counseling.

* The way that you mitigate debt problems is to get another credit card. Generally speaking, this is like putting a band-aid on a massive wound. It will work temporarily, but overall, will be ineffective.

* You lied to your spouse about the cost of everything, just because you don’t want them to freak out about the amount of debt you’ve incurred. This symptom is often indicative of a number of problems that you will need to address sooner rather than later. Assuming that you don’t want to deal with even worse amounts of debt sooner, one of the issues that you will have to deal with is the debt that you’ve already incurred.

Asking for help is not admitting defeat, nor should it be something that you wait around to do. Calling a debt relief counselor is the first step towards getting your life back in control. Don’t wait until it becomes a bigger issue – call us today.